Inspirational Depressing Quotes

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Having depression is like dying a thousand times a day. But no one ever knows, no one will ever know.


I will never suffer from depression, for I am self-sufficient in loving myself.


Incredible how his depression instigated me, as if I liked dramas. Maybe I like to feel there’s a connection between us.


Depression of the rich man heals with love and attention, the poor man with money.


Nothing works better than avoiding depression.


“My mind never goes into depression, because I live my life naturally without any kind of delusion.”


I think that the depression of many people, would solve with therapy + social engagement in poor communities – Depressing Quotes


Every night is the same loneliness, the same depression and I do not know for how long I will endure the emptiness you left with your departure.


After much waiting, dressed in courage and stripped of life, the depression that was once article of creche mute won the dispute. Do not mourn after irreparable incidents, whispered death.


Only those who have lived in depression know how to deal with the heart.


When you do not arouse interest in anything in this life is because you are already close to having a depression. Try to heal yourself soon, before something worse happens to you! Fraternal greetings.


On second thought, the evil of the century is far from being depression, the evil of the century is called insensitivity.


The latest studies confirm: Sometimes turning on the fuck helps to prevent depression.


Sadness is not a contagious symptom nor a synonym for depression. It is a state of the soul like any other, and it is necessary to know how to interpret, such as joy, laughter and contentment.


In my moments of depression and fall few wanted to be present, but I will have moments of glory as I have had again and I will not want any of those who are only fraternal when everything is the thousand marvels


Today I know why great minds are depressed, without depression there is no creation.


Depression and pain
Caused by the darkness
Of a feeling
That in truth you never felt
And that is only a moment
That did not exist
And caused by another feeling called love


Depression may rise and be to the next letter, And, expression of gratitude to God for having been born a perfect person physically and satisfied with life.


The stars have hidden
The moon is dull
What a sad night
Nothing is good
Nothing makes sense
The darkness is long
The sun did not appear
My soul is sad
More and more
I’m retiring
Close my eyes
Sleep, dream
I do not ever want to wake up again


Depression is the lack of knowing yourself.


Depression makes us defenders of ourselves …
We are judged by a conscience that conscience itself does not know how to define …


If depression is past excess;
Stress, excess of gift
And anxiety of the future.
This means that people seem to be strange when we ourselves are confused